There is no better way to tell a story than through film (sorry Dad).



Don't ever say bye too soon... Or this might happen.

$ave Dat Money | Lil Dicky

Matthew Fichandler is one of Conor's best friends and is a part of over 85% of his videos that he has created over the course of his life. Matthew came up to Boston for a couple of days and they churned out this music video in about 10 hours. It's a lot of fun.

Boston, MA

Divergent Paths

This is the first film that Conor Biddle made when he was 17 years old. Although there are many technical errors (lighting, exposure, lens choice, white balance. etc.), the story is one that he is still very proud of crafting. 

Two brothers grew up doing similar things, and now they are both excelling dramatically at their respective, drastically different, jobs.

Jesse is a MLB pitcher for the Atlanta Braves, and Sam is a regionally ranked top elementary school teacher from Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, PA

Wealth of the Inept

Two film buffs decide they want to put all of their wealth into a "sick" and "innovative" film. Their so called innovation yields something a little ... different.

Philadelphia, PA

Boys Will Be Boys | Web Series

Two best friends decide that they are going to go live in the wilderness for two weeks so they hire an amateur documentarian to document their camping "techniques."

Philadelphia, PA